Night performances

Light and uv contact balls, multiball

1.2 contact ball, 8 small (multiball), Time-3:20, Music: Radihead – The NationalAnthen, bonus – fog

Light balls

3,4,5 balls, Time – 3:00, Music: Radiohead – 15 Step

Light and uv diabolo

1, 2 diabolo,  Time – 3:30 Music: The Strokes – The Modern Age

Light and fire clubs

Light and fire staffs

                 ALL PERFORMANCE

Fire and light show


Show lasts 15 minutes. It is full of vibrant light and fire. Appears in the contact ball, illuminating balls, diabolo, burning pins and rods. The music is in the style of electric rock and rock and roll.

Fire show



Light and UV show

One object – Diabolo show